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Regis Technologies manufactures D-Luciferin for use in research applications ranging from reporter gene assays to whole animal assays. We produce high purity Luciferin to ensure the highest signal, lowest background, highest reproducibility, and lowest sensitivity levels for your application. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to supply you with the highest purity material for your short term and long term needs, and the flexibility to help you overcome any obstacles.

High Purity and Quality Assured
D-Luciferin, Free Acid, Sodium Salt or Potassium Salt, minimum 99% by achiral HPLC and minimum 99.5% by chiral HPLC. Manufactured and tested in Regis' FDA inspected facility.

Affordable in a Range of Convenient Quantities
D-Luciferin, Free Acid, Sodium Salt and Potassium Salt, are available from Regis' online store in three prepack sizes.

4 X 25mg  $     65
100 mg $     53
10 x 100 mg $   315
1g $   250
10 x 1 g $2,250
10g $2,100

Regis Technologies can supply single lots in excess of 200g for easier qualifications. Custom packaging and custom sizes are available.

Purity Matters
No matter if your Luciferase comes from transfected cells, conjugated antibodies, or a bottle, Luciferase assays are sensitive and data can be obscured by D-Luciferin contaminated with the wrong enantiomer. To ensure your data is of the highest quality, Regis Technologies tests every batch with chiral HPLC to prove Regis Luciferin has minimal contamination.

About Regis Technologies
You can rely on the experience and quality Regis Technologies has to offer. With 50 years of service to life science industries, Regis Technologies provides unrivaled GMP synthesis and separations services and products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and manufactures hundreds of fine organic chemicals under strict quality control specifications before release.


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