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Coelenterazine is the substrate that illuminates many invertebrate marine animals such as the luminescent Aequorea jellyfish. Like firefly luciferin, coelenterazine can be used in:

  • Gene reporter assays
  • Whole animal assays
  • Biochemical assays (i.e., ELISA and Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer [BRET]).
  • Live-cell assays for the detection of calcium ions

The Reaction:
When coelenterazine combines with luciferase, oxygen, and calcium ions, it produces oxy-coelenterazine and light. This allows coelenterazine to be used as a detection reagent for luciferase, oxygen, or calcium. Unlike fluorescence, the detection of bioluminescence in diagnostic tests can be performed in the dark thereby eliminating background noise.

Affordable in a Range of Convenient Quantities
Coelenterazine (Native or H) are available from Regis' online store in two prepack sizes.

Coelenterazine, Native 1 mg $    36.00
Coelenterazine, Native 10 mg $  150.00
Coelenterazine-H 1 mg $    60.00
Coelenterazine-H 10 mg $  240.00

Custom packaging and custom sizes are available.

Why Order Coelenterazine from Regis?
We synthesize coelenterazine at our GMP laboratory in suburban Chicago. This way, you know you will receive a high quality reagent that is reproducible time after time. We manufacture the highest purity luciferin and coelenterazine in the industry, and we test it for QC by HPLC. This assures your assay has the highest signal and lowest background noise.

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